What we do

SIS Technologies Pty Ltd trading as Specialised Industrial Systems (SIStec) is an Australian company based in Perth, Western Australia. SIStec specialises in the procurement and manufacturing of process control instrumentation, with an emphasis on Nucleonic Density measurement.

SIStec manufactures numerous process control instruments. Our world renowned “SS200 Nucleonic Digital Density Gauge” and the “SS200LS Nucleonic Digital Level Switch” has been manufactured in Perth, Western Australia for over 28 years and has been sold in to the mining and various industries throughout the world

SIStec has the advantage of being the market leader of  Nucelonic Density/Level Gauges and is the preferred supplier to the majority of mining and engineering companies in Australia.

SIStec also specialises in all Radiation Regulatory requirements for Nucelonic Density/Level Gauges and can provide on site installations, compliance testing and training.